Rogers Pass
Dolores River, CO

I was born and raised at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  I found my love and appreciation of our environment through many trips as a child canoeing and camping in the Rocky Mountains and the great lakes region.  Over the years I have watched as many of the places that I love have been permanently altered by human growth.  This fueled my desire to pursue ecology as a vocation, to help in some small way, to change the way we affect our world.

In addition to my interests in ecology I am also an avid backcountry skier.  This love of the winter backcountry drove me to participate in the founding of a local chapter ( of the Backcountry Snowsports Alliance.  This organization has sense merged with the Colorado Mountain Club.  The joining of these two organizations should provide a strong voice for quite winter recreation.

I have also been involved in other nonprofits that help to support local community development and youth involvement.  One organization, the Geller Center, where I served as a program director while in graduate school and subsequently served on the board of directors, has been highly involved in the Fort Collins community.  The Geller Center has helped found many other non-profit organizations in the Fort Collins area and has provided an environment for students to identify their own meaning in life.

In addition to my local community involvement I also enjoy traveling and have traveled to Central America, South America, Europe, and Scandinavia.  These trips have broadened my perspective and encouraged me to look beyond my normal daily routines.  I am also an active canyoneer, river runner, archery hunter and just simply love being outside.

Below are a few photos from my adventures....